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Rosemarie Zens

As the Eye Wanders - Special Edition


Image of As the Eye Wanders - Special Edition

Rosemarie Zens
As the Eye Wanders
Six leporellos in a box ( 18,5 x 11,4 inches)
Photography: Rosemarie Zens
Fine Art Pigment Prints
Special edition of 30, signed and numbered

Also including:
As if there is a sixth sense in making sense (booklet)
Photography and text: Rosemarie Zens, Berlin, 2018
ISBN 978-3-9820363-2-8

Excerpt from the text:

“There is something undeniably congenial about the way in which the perception of fragmented worlds correlates with the technique of photography and its ability to capture instant moments.
While the sense of urgency and unrest drives the photographic act, the search for stabilizing, non-rigid patterns is equally virulent. Indeed, associated with that quest is the desire for attachment and detachment, alienation and meaning. And once the photographic images have been edited and put into sequence, surprising perspectives may well emerge as images resonate with other images.”

Rosemarie Zens

Germany € 10
Worldwide € 15