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Rosemarie Zens

The Sea Remembers - Special Edition


Image of The Sea Remembers - Special Edition

This special edition contains Klaus Honnef's opening speech "Visual Journeys to Landscapes Recalled" for the exhibition "The Sea Remembers" at Photowerk Berlin / Kommunale Galerie Berlin from April 25 to June 10, 2018, curated by Norbert Wiesneth, and an interview with Rosemarie Zens, conducted by Frank Meyer, RBB Kulturradio.

Editor and photography
© Rosemarie Zens and the authors
Text: Prof. Klaus Honnef
German / English
Translation: Stephen Grynwasser
Layout: Maren Detering
2 centerfold photos and installation views
18,5 x 28 cm, 36 pages
Edition of 250
Edition WortOrt Berlin 2018
ISBN 978-3-9820363-1-1

"Technically speaking, photography is a variant of the process of visual reproduction that first emerged with the camera obscura, but in any case before the digital process asserted itself for the capture of photographic images.

And yet, the more involved I become with the photographic image format (slides), the greater my impression that the laterna magica (the camera obscura’s younger sibling, as it were, projecting rather than capturing) has exerted at least as much influence on modern visual perception as the camera obscura. In reality, the camera obscura, known already in Antiquity, and the laterna magica are just two of many vision machines – from panorama to diorama, stereoscope to kaleidoscope, film to TV and the internet – that brought about and then sustained a revolution in visual perception. In his seminal book Techniques of the Observer: On Vision and Modernity in the Nineteenth Century1 Jonathan Crary introduced a radical shift in perspective from image – still the most important subject of observation and art criticism – to observer, complete with their specific perceptions; indeed, he made it the focal point of his considerations.

The Sea Remembers. Visual Journeys to Landscapes Recalled is the telling title of the exhibition we are opening today. It offers me a welcome opportunity to pick up that particular thread once again. Rosemarie Zens, its originator, is the author behind most of the photographs and texts featured at the exhibition. But she has also created them not least to recall a memory for us, as observers of her photographs, and for herself, a memory which she explicitly does not have, and cannot have. What we see in the photographs does play into the mental field commonly referred to as memory, but in this instance it is not its vivid expression. Rather, a possible and, if anything, probable link for the elementary prerequisites of memories does establish itself in the ensemble of individual photographs and texts…"

Klaus Honnef

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